It is never too late to dare for more. Joy reveals how...


Learn how to turn your desire to change yourself, your community or the world into concrete actions.


Gain tools to help you

  • Define your truth to dare.
  • Identify action steps toward goals.
  • Reflect on your progress.


Meet Joy

“I hope sharing my life experiences will encourage others to dare to reach beyond expectations."

Current Role

Founder of Code4Rights

Graduate Researcher at the MIT Media Lab

Joy Buolamwini



Why did you create the course?

Joy created this course in order to share with you her stories of creation and to encourage you to shape the future of technology. In addition, the course was created in order to encourage you to live fully and thus, dare to change your circumstances, expectations, systems around you, and even your own path.

What is your mission and goal?

Her personal mission is to show compassion through computation and open opportunities for more people to shape the future of technology. She believes that the heart of computing is humanity. So she has started companies focused on a variety of areas including global health, education, and even hair care technology.